Street Art and Protest

Like many others around the world, I was appalled by Troy Davis’ execution—along with capital punishment in general. But I was again reminded about the power of street art and its striking potential to politically express the ineffable when I checked out today’s post by the ever-savvy blog Social Design Notes. It’s Troy Davis’ portrait wheat-pasted on the rails of an iron fence in London by Mentalgassi, a German street art collective. Street Art Utopia has the video of the making of the wheat-pasting (contracted, apparently, by Amnesty International—video here). Recent talk in blogs about guillotines and executions reminded me of something else.

Protests against austerity and budget cuts—particularly, in terms of attacks on public education—are a major concern for me. At the protests, I’ve gotten a lot of nice comments about my stencil. Some people have requested the image for use themselves, so in the interest and hope that this image makes the rounds here it is. ¡Proliferate!

Here is the photoshopped original and below is what it should more or less look like in the cut out used for stencils (of any size).

education budget cuts stencil artDon’t worry about the stripes on her shirt and some of the other detail. But make sure you add in some marks to highlight the blade and a bit more detail on the book (see below). Make it look something like this on sturdy artsy cardboard:

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4 Responses to Street Art and Protest

  1. Anthony Dooley says:

    very very goog Trickster…I just finished apaper on Street Art an’ protest..long live the Avant Garde..too late to add your work but very good never the less….part of a piece..’we notice…the homeless..all bruise colours and burnt hands..they speak to themselves mostly or all into the air..we stand, sad..heart bursting sorrow,,the care in the community(fuck yer education..what about these..YO LO VI!)..the beggars who share a bottle..a bomb..the lost really are lost..we notice the defensive magic of dozens,fiddle playing(without a fiddle),window looking,purse-robbing dozens..looking at dreams no one wants,realities no-one wished for..fairy dust that drives the lostagains mad..Them..are vanished..ghosts..they drug blind wander the precincts..the walkways..remembering..outloud..other times other places..’..just a part of a part my Pied friend..hope they get ease at some point..either that or Una Madre Sangre takes ’em real quick.. take care..

  2. Raymond Craib says:

    Thanks for the link to Mentalgassi and especially for the stencil. A powerful image! As a parent I can attest to the fact that this is pretty much what is being done to kids today–f***king chopping block for most while $20K kindergartens do a booming business….

    Anyway, really enjoy your blog (and pleased you liked what you’ve read.)

    saludos Ray

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