Speaking of Territory…

Stuart Elden just announced final approval of his book, The Birth of Territory, to be published in 2013 by the University of Chicago Press. We’ve admired this work—the royal “we,” of course—from afar and eagerly await its fetished form in our grubby hands. One nice thing about this project has been learning about its various stages of development through his blog.  It’d be nice if more authors developed this kind of approach to producing the shiny, mystified things we call “books.” Observers can learn a lot from seeing other people’s torturous path toward the finished product.

In other news, I’ve been valiantly battling the religiously Kafkaesque operations of Colombian telecommunications companies for three weeks. They are all that stands between me and an Internet connection. Three weeks! More to come when I emerge victorious… In the meantime, godspeed.

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