Interweb Motley # 7

Derek Gregory’s new blog Geographical Imaginations becomes welcome addition to the geograsphere. My favorite recent post: Learning to Eat Soup with a Silver Spoon.

Nils Gilman on Robert Bunker’s idea of a “plutocratic insurgency,” which describes those staging areas or enclaves from which financial and economic elites make war on public goods.

Once again, Honduras signed a deal with corporate investors for creating three “private cities”—i.e. maquiladoras with street lights and a playground? #ctrl+alt+deleteurbanism

BlaBlaMeter: How much bullshit hides in your text? Enter text and this site spits back your bullshit score. My proposed abstract for AAG 2013 came back at a respectable score of 0.43—respectable, that is, for a “scientific text.”

Must get my hands on Artur Domosławski’s biography of Polish journalist Ryszard Kapuściński just published by Verso. Kapuściński’s masterful chronicles of the Third World’s postcolonial convulsions are unparalleled. LRB reviews the book.

U.S. election special: Infographic of U.S. interventions in Latin America since 1950—a beloved bipartisan national pastime.


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