Interweb Motley # 2

RIP Carlos Fuentes, who in reference to Latin America’s colorful cast of dictators, wrote: “All of them pose a tremendous problem for Latin American novelists. How to compete with history? How to create characters richer, crazier, more imaginative?”

The government of Honduras says the country is so screwed up that it’s just going to start over. Ctrl+Alt+Delete. First things first: It’s going to build a new city from scratch on undeveloped land and get foreign governments to help run it. The goal is to establish “rule of law” in these “special development zones.”

Graffiti artist Kidult sprayed “Art” on the façade of the Marc Jacobs store in SoHo (nyc). Kidult’s picture of the vandalism went viral online. In retaliation, Marc Jacobs slapped the picture on a pink T-shirt and is selling it for $689 calling it “Art by Art Jacobs.” Graphic artist FRY put the pink T-Shirt on a white T-Shirt and is now selling it for $35.

Can Greece pull off an Argentina? Default on its debt and exit the Euro? Yes, definitely, say Marc Weisbrot and Paul Krugman. No, not really, says Yanis Varoufakis, who persuasively argues Greece 2012 is not Argentina 2002.

Oldie but a goodie: Ten Reasons Why We Need Good Stories.

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