Interweb Motley # 16

Arthur Tress-Flood Dream, Ocean City, NJWords Without Borders, a site that translates contemporary world literature into English, has a new issue out showcasing graphic novels on “topics ranging from the Spanish Civil War to the Shining Path, organized labor in France and broken homes in South Africa.”

From Wired: How the Mexican city of Cuernavaca’s bus traffic helps physicists model complex systems. Turns out, nature, math, and bus departures in Cuernavaca all exhibit a delicate balance of randomness and regularity known as the “universality principle.”

Rebecca Solnit examines how Google and other Silicon giants have created parallel infrastructures for their employees in San Francisco, making the city a gentrifying bedroom community for the world’s tech capital.

All my Internet ones and zeros are apparently routed (rooted?) through this building; just one hub plugged into 550,000 miles of undersea cabling that circuits the globe.

My new favorite Tumblr: WTF Evolution?

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