Interview: Mass Protests Rock Colombia

Protests in Colombia-EITAN ABRAMOVICH-AFP/Getty.As mass protests in Colombia entered into their tenth day yesterday, I was interviewed by KPFA about the mobilizations that continue spreading throughout the country. Negotiations between the government and protest leaders continue. What began as a strike by peasants and agrarian workers now also includes organized labor groups, students, and other civil society groups.


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4 Responses to Interview: Mass Protests Rock Colombia

  1. Teo Ballvé says:

    One small addendum… I didn’t correct the host: Colombia does of course export coffee, but my point was that, absurdly, it also imports it.

  2. Tomás Carrizosa says:

    Although I agree with Teo’s general view of the protest, I don’t really see that Farc are defending the interests of civil society or that sole students, peasants, agrarian workers, etc. were involved in yesterday’s vandalism acts in Bogotá. According to the press, 38 out of 50 people detained for allegued vandalism were minors…

    • Teo Ballvé says:

      Hi Tomás, thanks for the comment. I hope I did not give the impression that I see the FARC as “defenders of the interests of civil society”–that’s certainly not how I personally would characterize their relationship with civil society groups. The disturbances in Bogotá during what was mostly a peaceful demonstration, as you point out, were indeed carried out by a minority of people who as it turns out were mostly young, according to police. But the interview was recorded before the big Bogotá demonstration, so that’s why I don’t discuss it in the clip. Thanks for reading!

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