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Occupy on Fiber Optics

It’s been difficult to keep up with events in recent days. Enter haggard movie voice: “It’s all happened so faaast!” Of course, it’s still happening. It’s also been hard to keep up with all the great analysis, writing, and ideas … Continue reading

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More Stencil! #Occupy

Checking out the recent post over at Place Hacker, which conveniently had a Guy Fawkes image as stencil-ready, I got some new protest art ideas. Both Mashups. (Click on images below for larger size.) More stencil here. Proliferate!

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The Mask of ‘Anarchy’

An article by Jonathan Jones in the Guardian has been making the rounds and offers some interesting commentary on the proliferation of the V for Vendetta mask at recent #Occupy protests. Coming on the heels of the Oakland General Strike, … Continue reading

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Occupy Oakland Photo Slideshow

[scrollGallery id=4]

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¡General Strike! Oakland Walks

Today. A General Strike. Oakland will become liberated territory. I will be in Oakland with many many people. I read a great post this morning on what a “General Strike” actually means. The post draws on Walter Benjamin and Rosa … Continue reading

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Against Spectacle? “Crises” and the Infographic

So there’s been a lot of interesting infographics published recently that help visually represent a host of contemporary issue and crises: from Euro Debt, U.S. income inequality, and the increasingly consolidated power of corporations and banks, to the Afghan quagmire … Continue reading

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