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Stuart Hall (Gramsci and Us)

Happy May Day!

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Hegemony à la Raymond Williams

Williams, Raymond. 1977. Marxism and Literature. Oxford: Oxford University Press. [Ch. 6] Williams claims hegemony goes beyond both conceptions of “culture” and “ideology”: for culture, because of “its insistence on relating the ‘whole social process’ to specific distributions of power … Continue reading

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The Production of Space

After having just finished Capital (Vol. I), Henri Lefebvre’s The Production of Space makes so much more sense than the first time a read it. (Though hugely insightful, it’s still a total slog to read.) The reasons behind my understanding … Continue reading

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Hegemony and the Philosophy of Praxis

After reading Antonio Santucci’s short political biography on Gramsci and after re-reading some of the Prison Notebooks (edited and translated by J. Buttigieg), I want to offer a reading of the relation and significance of “hegemony” within what Gramsci conceives … Continue reading

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