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Interweb Motley # 3

Michael Lima, founder of Visual Complexity, which I follow, makes a great addition to the RSA Animate videos with an animated talk on the power of mapping knowledge and patterns of information. Trees are soooooo last century. (ᔥ Explore) I … Continue reading

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Beholden: David Graeber & Rebecca Solnit

Guernica magazine published a great conversation between David Graeber and Rebecca Solnit, two people who I admire as genuinely original thinker-writers with ample street-cred to back it up. They talk mostly about debt, anarchism, and occupy. “Neoliberalism isn’t an economic … Continue reading

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Territory and Autogestion

Marina Sitrin, who was part of the original #Occupy foco in Zuccotti Park, wrote a brief essay on “Horizontalism and Territory” drawing from her long-standing engagement with Latin American social movements, particularly those that gained force amid Argentina’s 2001 crash. … Continue reading

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On Academic Blogging

It’s always interesting to read about why people blog. Academic blogs are particular creatures that share similarities with, but are also distinct from, more journalistically oriented blogs. Over at the London School of Economics’ “Impact of Social Science” blog, Patrick … Continue reading

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Meow: The Politics of Anonymous

Quinn Norton, a writer with Wired, has published a fascinating three-part series titled, “Anonymous: Beyond the Mask” (Part I, Part II, Part III). She tracks the progressive politicization of Anonymous from its diaper days chatting on 4Chan to #Occupy by … Continue reading

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Afflicted Powers

Retort. 2005. Afflicted Powers: Capital and Spectacle in an Age of War. New Edition. London: Verso. Despite being a relatively short book, Afflicted Powers is a difficult one to summarize. Retort* sets for itself the immodest task of identifying the … Continue reading

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A Nation of Workplace Junkies?

Anthropologist Arjun Appadurai recently published a column in Anthropology News on the proliferation of business-related news in U.S. media. He observes the “growing and now hegemonic domination of business news” both in print and on television. The business machine has … Continue reading

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Aaaaaand We’re Back

After having paid strict adherence to festivity schedules, this blog is now ready to ring in the New Year. The Year was welcomed from the hot and sunny Southern Hemisphere, watching the sunrise with family over the plains, beer in … Continue reading

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Occupy Volume, Occupy Verticality

#Occupy. Where does it go from here? How ‘bout up? I’m not 100% serious, but it’s been fascinating to see how #Occupy has expanded occupation to mean more than parking our collective butts on a flat—or at least, horizontal—and usually … Continue reading

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Occupy on Fiber Optics

It’s been difficult to keep up with events in recent days. Enter haggard movie voice: “It’s all happened so faaast!” Of course, it’s still happening. It’s also been hard to keep up with all the great analysis, writing, and ideas … Continue reading

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