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Althusser, Gramsci and Machiavelli – Us and Us

Debate in the geograsphere. Jon Beasley-Murray published a riff on Louis Althusser’s Machiavelli and Us saying he detects a post-hegemonic streak in Althusser’s take on Machiavelli with an emphasis on the aleatory, contingent, and the conjunctural rather than a “telos of the … Continue reading

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Likey Likey?

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Interweb Motley # 17

My friend Vijay Prashad’s new book is out with Verso. The Poorer Nations: A Possible History of the Global South, which examines the prospects of a global power shift from north to south, is a sequel to The Darker Nations, which is … Continue reading

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Narco-Geographies, Part III: Urban Speculation and Spectacle

(Final post in a three-part series, Part I, Part II)  The policies that have made Panama into a commercial and financial global entrepôt have also made this small country into an ideal beachhead for entrepreneurial narcotraffickers. The seemingly ethereal nature … Continue reading

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Cities in Conflict

The news site has launched a special series on “Cities and Conflict.” With stuff on spatial resistance, warspace, security, military urbanism, and urban uprisings, the series should be of interest to geographers, urbanists, and the spatially inclined in general. … Continue reading

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Interweb Motley # 16

Words Without Borders, a site that translates contemporary world literature into English, has a new issue out showcasing graphic novels on “topics ranging from the Spanish Civil War to the Shining Path, organized labor in France and broken homes in … Continue reading

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Narco-Geographies, Part II: Political Ecology of the Drug Economy

Tim Hall has recently called on geographers to more actively study organized crime and geographies of the illicit more broadly. Paul Robbins, meanwhile, has said “the political ecology of the drug trade” (2004: 215) remains almost entirely unexplored. The ferocity … Continue reading

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